Cash Prices (Non-Insurance)

We offer payment plans for our services and some discounts are available if paying for all services up front or buying packages of services.

$60 - Initial Examination (New Patients)

$50 - Spinal or Leg Length X-Ray

$60 - Adjustment Visit

$60 - Spinal Decompression Visit (Cervical or Lumbar)

Insurance Prices

Fees per visit when using your health insurance will vary based on the contracted amount for each insurance company. However, the prices are very close to the non-insurance prices and this should give you an idea of what to expect. Insurance does not pay for spinal decompression therapy, leg length x-rays, or custom orthotics.

The amount you will pay out of pocket when using your health insurance will be based on your individual policy. You may just have a co-pay, or you may have to meet a deductible prior to your insurance company paying for care. We will verify your insurance coverage, but you can also check your policy and coverage by contacting your insurance company directly. We cannot guarantee that we will have verified your coverage prior to your initial visit.