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Dr. Kevin Wafer was born and raised in Spring, TX. Since his mother worked as a chiropractic assistant, he spent much of his childhood in a chiropractic clinic and was adjusted for the first time at only 3 months of age. 

He received regular chiropractic care throughout his childhood which enabled him to compete at a high level athletically, playing on numerous All Star baseball teams throughout his childhood. 

He later attended the University of Texas at Austin and received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. As graduation from UT neared, Dr. Wafer was still unsure of the type of career he wanted to enter. While home during his last summer vacation, he went to visit his family chiropractor, who was now well into his 80s and had been in practice for over 60 years.

After spending some time in the office and seeing patients literally be carried in, but be able to walk out, Dr Wafer was convinced that he had finally found his career calling.

He soon enrolled at Texas Chiropractic College where he graduated with honors. While in school, Dr Wafer was privileged to intern in the athletic department at Rice University. In his final year of chiropractic school, he met his wife Cristin, who practices chiropractic in Katy with her father.

In his spare time, he enjoys live music, golf and following UT and Houston professional sports teams. He currently lives in Katy with his wife, their son Elijah and their dog, Rooney.

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Dr. Wafer did a great job of explaining what he saw, what he planned to do, how much it would cost and what results I should expect. After two adjustments I already feel worlds better and I’m confident that I’ll be in great shape at the conclusion of the treatment program.


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Dr. Wafer and his staff are very nice and flexible when accommodating to their clients’ schedules. I admit to having to change my schedule several times a week due to work. The best part is, they were voted the best chiropractic clinic in Houston by the Houston Press in 2009. After 3 years of constant pain and 2 months of chiropractic care, I am not in pain anymore and would recommend them to anyone in pain. In the end, your health is ultimately in your hands; give them a call!

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